Industry Expertise

Professionals of Biotechprogress have unique engineering know-how in water processing and waste water treatment for housing and communal services and almost all branches of industry:

Power engineering;
Chemical and petrochemical;
Mechanical engineering;
Non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy;
Food processing;
Mining operations;
Military-industrial complex;
Electronics manufacturing;

Acknowledged know-how and competence of our professionals in the field of water processing, accumulated research-and-production potentialities, sectoral standards and industrial specifics learning, experimental research and design facilities, - all this allows us to solve promptly the problems of any complexity or nonstandard tasks in various branches of industry, and to provide customers with the ready optimal solution.

Over development of our company, there are realized lots of projects which were unique at the moment of their implementation, and so far stay unique in many respects:

Liquid radioactive wastes treatment (Zvezdochka);
Sea water desalination for drinking and process needs (Vietnam);
Treatment and concentration of wastes containing cyanide (Polimetall, AGMK);
Water processing plants, chemical water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants of nuclear power stations, heat stations, state district power stations (Appatitskaya CHPP, Zainskaya State District Power Station, Kazanskaya CHPP, Nizhnekamsk TPP, Kolskaya NPP, Smolensk NPP), including wastes concentration and following injection to stratum (Kargalinskaya CHPP);
Design and construction of water treatment facilities for oil refineries (Tuapse Refinery, Komsomolsk Refinery), including waste water treatment plants with implemented MBR, MBBR, and ZLD technologies (Achinsk Refinery);
Drinking water producing stations with application of membrane technology (Kalachinsk);
Olympic objects realization in accordance with the Green Building Standards – closed-type waste water treatment facilities with the final membrane treatment (Krasnaya Polyana, Psehako);
Treatment of food processing wastes using traditional and membrane technologies for the reuse in the technological process (Kez Cheese Dairy).

Other technologies