R&D and Innovations

JSC NPP "Biotechprogress" is the leader among those Russian companies which are involved in assimilation and introduction of novel technologies, as confirmed by its history.

All engineering research is done by the company's own R&D specialists.

Technologies of water conditioning and waste water treatment are among the most rapidly growing technologies in the modern world. To work efficiently, our Company permanently uses monitoring of global process trends and the latest results in this area, in addition to carrying out its own scientific research. Proprietary technical solutions (more than 30 patents being in force) are used in innovation projects of NPP "Biotechprogress" and other companies.

To select optimum technical solutions and equipment operation modes, piloting is carried out with the use of actual water or effluent. The pilot plants fleet accounts for tens of equipment items, thus making it possible to simulate any process technology to be later implemented in a project.

All pilot plants are equipped with control and measurement instrumentation to ensure control of the main process parameters, as well as the Automated Process Control System. The plants can also be APCS-cointegrated to create automated process flow schemes. Remote (via Internet) control of pilot process is extensively used to enable long-term life testing.

The Company has a laboratory equipped with up to the minute analytical equipment, including an atomic absorption spectrometer, a laser light-scattering particle analyzer, a capillary electrophoresis-based spectrophotometer, an analyzer of total organiс carbon, etc.

A mobile laboratory is available and is used to conduct necessary chemical and analytical monitoring when surveying or piloting the processes directly on site.

A combination of analytical and technical capabilities available allows to conduct qualitative audit of Customer's water supply and water disposal objects, to simulate processes of water and sewage treatment, which results in mitigation of risks to a minimum when the corresponding water treatment equipment is being developed and commissioned.


Other technologies