Purification of Effluents with Complex Physical and Chemical Composition

Industrial waste waters greatly vary in type and concentration of pollutants. Any technology of treatment waste waters with complex physical and chemical composition should be selected based on strong initial data analysis and solutions check by means of piloting the corresponding treatment procedure.

Company's specialists have all the expertise required in the field of design and manufacture of equipment, commissioning and start-up of purification and treatment facilities in various industries, e.g.:

oil and gas production industry;
chemistry and oil refining industry;
power engineering industry;
galvanics industry;
food processing industry, etc.

Membrane technologies such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reversed osmosis are extensively used for industrial waste water treatment. The vast experience is available on how to introduce innovative treatment methods, such as membrane bioreactor, photochemical oxidation, activated sludge vacuumizing, electrodialysis reversal process, electrodeionization, etc.

A vast pilot plants fleet makes it possible to simulate virtually any treatment procedure and to run tests with the use of actual effluents. Such approach mitigates Customer risks and, at the design stage, allows to determine more precisely the performance data, the reagents and energy consumption rates.

Effective, compliant to fisheries-disposal requirements, tertiary treatment methods of petroleum products and heavy metals removal were developed.

The experience is also available on how to design and introduce the ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technology of saline effluents purification, with either dry salt finishing-up or injection into the bed. Examples of similar projects:

purification and treatment facilities at Achinsk Oil Refinery Plant – dry salt finishing-up;
chemical water purification at Kargalinskaya CHPP – concentration and injection into the bed;
purification and treatment facilities at "Ammonium" plant (in the town of Mendeleyevsk) – concentration and injection into the bed;
effluents purification plant at Amur Mining and Metallurgical Company – concentrating of cyanides by the reversed osmosis method (three stages), recycling of concentrates.


Other technologies